Top 3 GPS Trackers with Long Battery Life


Since its inception in the 1970s, GPS has taken the world by storm. Google Maps, running watches, online food delivery services—the consumer applications are endless. But businesses are also leveraging GPS to protect their most valuable assets and manage their physical operations.

Whether you’re looking to combat theft or simply keep tabs on your vehicles and personnel, GPS tracking is a fantastic solution. And in this day and age, you can have a tracking device delivered to your doorstep in days (at an affordable price, to boot). For many businesses, the biggest challenge is figuring out which GPS tracking device to buy.

Let’s take a look at the top three best GPS trackers for businesses and what makes them the cream of the crop.


3 Factors to Consider When Purchasing a GPS Tracker

Implementing a GPS tracking system in your business is a wise investment. But as with any other purchase, you should know exactly what you’re getting before you click “buy.”

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect tracking device, I definitely recommend downloading this free GPS tracking buyer’s guide. It covers all the features to look for when choosing a tracker, which is super helpful since every business has different needs.

But for now, let’s go over three of the most critical factors to consider when comparing GPS tracking devices. (Note: These are the same factors I used to come up with my list of tracker recommendations!)

Battery Life

The best GPS trackers have one thing in common: solid battery life. If you’re going to invest in a tracking device, it should be able to do the job without needing a recharge every few days. Constant charging is annoying and straight-up inefficient.

One of the trackers featured on my list has a battery life of up to 2.5 weeks (and that life can be extended with external battery cases). The other two don’t even need chargers—they draw their power straight from the vehicle they’re tracking.

Ease of Use

Can you install the tracking device yourself, or will you need to call in a professional? This is another question you should be asking yourself when GPS shopping.

Even more important: How easy is it to use the device? What’s the process for accessing real-time location information, and how is that information displayed? Will you receive instant alerts and notifications—and if so, what are the triggers?

All three trackers I chose for this list offer incredible ease of use—all you need to do is download the accompanying mobile or desktop app.


Odds are, your business has more than one vehicle. You might even have a whole fleet. And if you’re not using every single vehicle or piece of equipment at the same time, I’d recommend looking for a tracker that’s easy to swap between assets.

Even if it’s not a make-or-break for you, it’s definitely convenient. Plus, the price of a swappable tracker is almost (and in some cases, is) the same as those without this feature.


Best GPS Trackers with Long Battery Life

Based on battery life, ease of use, and flexibility, here are the best GPS trackers I recommend to business owners:

#3 Pick: Hardwired GPS Tracker

This tracker’s name really says it all, as the device wires directly into your vehicle. However, that makes it a little more difficult to install than the other two contenders, which is why I recommend enlisting a professional to set it up.

Once the tracker is up and running, though, it’s pretty hands-off. The vehicle serves as the device’s sole power source, which means you’ll never have to worry about charging the battery. You can truly set it and forget it. And as long as it’s connected to a user-friendly software application, you should be able to start tracking as soon as it’s installed.

Hardwired trackers are also highly rated on durability and can withstand extreme heat and cold. Plus, this type of tracker isn’t readily visible and remains active even outside of US borders, making it a great choice for theft recovery.

#2 Pick: OBD GPS Tracker

Designed specifically for vehicle tracking, the OBD tracker works great for single trucks or entire fleets. Like the hardwired tracker, the OBD draws power directly from the vehicle—just plug it into your vehicle’s OBD port, no charging required. 

Unlike the hardwired tracker, though, it’s easy to switch OBD trackers between vehicles. Simply unplug it from one car or truck and plug it into another. Hello, convenience!

That brings up another major OBD selling point: it’s super easy to install yourself. That being said, it is readily visible to anyone operating the vehicle, which means it may not be the best option for loss prevention.

#1 Pick: GL300 Wireless GPS Tracker

Coming in at the top, the GL300 wireless GPS tracker is the most versatile by far. Because it doesn’t require an outside power source, you can use it to track virtually anything—including vehicles, equipment, business assets, and even personal valuables.

On its own, the GL300 boasts a battery life of up to 2.5 weeks with a full charge. And to extend that battery life even further, you can pair it with a special hardware kit, an M4 battery case, or an M6 battery case. (With the M6 case, for example, you can achieve a battery life of up to six months!)

Like the hardwired GPS tracker, the GL300 is extremely durable and can withstand harsh temperatures and weather conditions. And in the case of an emergency, there’s a unique SOS button your driver can push to send you an urgent alert.

Like the OBD tracker, the GL300 features a sleek, compact design, making placement simple and flexible. Plus, swapping it between assets is a cinch—especially with the M2 magnetic case or one of the cases mentioned above, all of which feature extra-strong, weatherproof magnets for secure attachment.



GPS tracking devices can be life-savers—literally and figuratively. So, it’s easy to see why more and more business owners are looking to GPS technology to help them save time and money.

Preventing asset loss, improving employee safety, and gaining real-time location data are just a few benefits you’ll unlock when you adopt the right GPS tracking system in your business. But don’t let the overwhelming number of tracker options trap you in analysis paralysis. These three offerings are a great place to start your GPS tracking journey without breaking the bank.


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